Welcoming new leaders to the Sonder team

Over the last six years, a team of many talented individuals with the shared passion of transforming the hospitality industry have worked together to make Sonder’s vision a reality. We’ve hosted more than one million guests in thousands of spaces across seven countries, in unique locations that put design, technology and comfort first. In the last year, we launched in six new markets and opened dozens of new buildings. As we continue our strategic growth, we’re excited to promote and/or welcome three leaders to our growing team.

Left to right: Sonder’s President and Chief Financial Officer Sanjay Banker, Sonder’s Chief Technology Officer Satyen Pandya, Sonder’s VP of Market Ops in North America Christian Hempell

Sanjay Banker, who joined Sonder in January of 2019 as our Chief Financial Officer, is now Sonder’s President and CFO. This is a decision that has been long in the making, and formalizes the work Sanjay has already been doing – including helping oversee strategy in many areas of the business, in addition to finance. Sanjay’s more than two decades of experience working closely with management teams to help companies reach their full potential will continue to position Sonder as the leading next-generation hospitality brand. 

“My two years at Sonder have been an incredible experience. I’m continuously impressed by the resilience and commitment of our entire team,” said Sanjay Banker, Sonder’s President and Chief Financial Officer. “I’m honored to continue leading our Finance organization while also expanding my role to drive Sonder’s broader business strategy and mission to reshape hospitality.”

We’re also excited to welcome Satyen Pandya as Sonder’s Chief Technology Officer. Satyen is a seasoned technology leader with over two decades of experience at companies including Amazon, Flexport and WeWork. His deep background leading software engineering, product management, data science, UX design and program management for e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, and telecom products and applications will enable us to continue building world-class technology at Sonder.

“I’m thrilled to join Sonder, a company that’s leveraging technology to create a better — and in many ways a more efficient hospitality experience, as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer,” said Satyen Pandya. “At the core of Sonder’s business model is innovative, proprietary technology that delivers a streamlined and more seamless guest experience, as well as more efficient operations management systems. The team has already made significant progress in developing sophisticated systems to deliver on this mission and I look forward to pushing the boundaries on what we can create.” 

In addition, we recently welcomed Christian Hempell as our Vice President of Market Operations for North America. Christian brings 25 years of hospitality experience in the industry and has a track record of building high-performing teams that deliver incredible results. Under his leadership, our North American markets are focused on delivering an exceptional branded guest experience and overseeing highly-efficient operations across more than two dozen cities.

“Having spent more than 25 years in hospitality, I’m acutely aware of the endless opportunities for rethinking how the industry operates,” said Christian Hempell. “I firmly believe that Sonder is on the cusp of fundamentally changing the ways travelers stay and interact with branded hotels and professionally managed apartments and I am incredibly optimistic about the positive impact our teams and operating model can have on this space.”

Our people are critical to the work we’re doing at Sonder, and we look forward to welcoming these new changes to our leadership team as we work to reinvent hospitality. 

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