Sonder City Chats: Boston

We recently spoke with our General Manager of Boston, Gregg Klein, who has lived in Boston for the last five years. Today, we’re sharing the inside scoop on the top destinations for food and coffee, the best way to explore the city (hint: it’s by foot!) and a good place to find unique flea market treasures.

What’s the best kept secret about Boston? The city of Boston is much smaller than people usually realize – with a population of around 700k, Boston ranks just outside the top 20 largest cities in the US. 

What’s one activity you’ve always had on your bucket list but haven’t gotten to do yet?  Sailing on the Charles River.

Where’s the first place you take family and friends when they visit? Boston is an incredibly walkable city. We usually start near my home in the Back Bay and then walk through Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States founded in 1634. We then head through Beacon Hill towards Paul Revere’s house, over to Faneuil Hall, and then back home along the Charles river.

Which Sonder space is your favorite? I love all our properties in Boston, but the view from The Pierce in Fenway tops the list.  The Pierce 

What’s your favorite museum or monument in Boston? My favorite monument is easy – the Boston Public Library. In addition to the incredible architecture, cafe, and open courtyard, it also happens to be where I got married.

Favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant? Delux Cafe – “Casual, kitschy bar with serving up eclectic eats & drinks, plus Elvis memorabilia on the walls.”

Most beautiful spot in the city? I’ve said it a lot – but very specifically, the view as you enter Boston Common from Arlington Street and Commonwealth Avenue. 

Shopping at the SoWa Open Market

Rapid-fire questions


Tatte Bakery & Cafe. There are many locations across Boston and Cambridge.


Cafe Sushi in Cambridge 

Local shop

All of the SoWa Open Market (an especially great Covid activity)

Delivery or takeout spot

Beantown Pho – a Vietnamese Restaurant on Newbury Street.

Place to go for a walk or run

Down Commonwealth Ave, across the Harvard Bridge, and along the Charles River running path

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