Ready, set, let’s go, marathon runners

Getting ready for race day this spring or autumn? We’ve got Sonders for you and your crew in all the best marathon destinations — whether you’re crossing the finish line or cheering from the sidelines.

Better stays, better races

We’ve got the secret to setting your next personal record. Comfortable bedrooms for a dreamy night’s sleep. Convenient gyms to squeeze in a workout. And full-size kitchens to stick to that meal plan. Our fully equipped apartments have all the perks — so you can feel your very best when you step into that start pen.

Chicago Marathon
October 13

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New York City Marathon
November 3

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Philadelphia Marathon
November 24

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Last-minute supporter? 

There are plenty of marathons just around the corner. And it’s not too late to book your stay.

Boston Marathon
April 15 

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London Marathon
April 21

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Madrid Marathon
April 28

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More Sonder marathon destinations

Toronto | May 5
Vancouver | May 5
Denver | May 19
Amsterdam | October 20 
Dublin | October 27
French Riviera (NiceCannes) | November 3 
Seattle | December 1

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