Sonder Sounds in Boston feat. Towfu

Inspiring spaces. Music artists. And mesmerizing playlists. Welcome to Sonder Sounds.

We’re hosting musicians who are creating playlists inspired by their stays.

For our third edition, we stop over in buzzy Boston, where local DJ and Creative Towfu made a unique playlist inspired by his stay at Sonder No. 284 Back Bay.

Towfu’s creative process in his own words:

Towfu: The creative concept for my Sonder Sounds playlist is heavily based on feeling. When I pick a stay and set the vibe for inspiration, I want to listen to music that’ll take me to a space of relaxation and ease my mind.

Think of it as starting your day with a hot cup of tea. What tunes would you want in the background of your day? What’s your theme music? That’s how I feel when I’m curating a list for myself. 

Stay at the Sonder that inspired Towfu: Sonder No. 284 Back Bay in Boston.

About Towfu:

Towfu is a DJ and creative based in Boston, MA. Growing up around tasteful ’90s music and soulful RnB, he has always had his ears directed toward different vibrations and sounds. Towfu’s personal style is dedicated to the wide spectrum of music he is constantly around and it is definitely noticeable. Other than DJing, he also runs a full-service creative agency with his friends called AllYouCanEat LLC, which specializes in event production and creative experiences. Because of the bridge AllYouCanEat has been able to create for major brands, they’ve been able to travel the world and create experiences together on an organic platform. It’s quite simple. With AllYouCanEat, Everybody Eats. 

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