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Travel with us to buzzing London with talented UK rapper, author and broadcaster Guvna B who spent some time with us at Sonder Chelsea Green, creating a beautiful playlist inspired by his stay.

Guvna B’s creative process in his own words:

Guvna B: Whenever I go away, music is always a big part of the trip. I need a soundtrack for the vibes and oftentimes I’ll hear a song randomly, and it’ll cause me to think back to work trips or holidays away where I’ve had that specific song on a playlist. I love that. For this trip, I didn’t go too far. I went to Sonder Chelsea Green in West London with my wife and newborn daughter. We live in South East London but it was still sick to get out of our natural environment and be tourists in our own city. I chose songs that inspire me, and value the city I live in and the blessing of family.

Loyle Carner ft Jordan Rakei – Ottolenghi  

Guvna B: Our Sonder had a lot of natural light in the room and this is a song I love playing first thing in the morning. It’s a real soothing and peaceful listen and the lyrics are meaningful. Always feels like it’s gonna be a good day when I hear this song.

WSTRN – Wonder Woman

Guvna B: I went away with my two girls, my wife and my daughter, and this song lyrically makes me grateful for women and just how much they’ve blessed my life. It’s also a sick one to dance around your room to. Vibes upon vibes. 

Dele Sosimi – E Just Dey Go

Guvna B: Hilariously, I first heard this song 1 hour before I got to Sonder Chelsea Green. It was playing in a restaurant we had lunch at and as soon as it came on my daughter, who’s only 9 weeks old, started smiling. I’m talking massive grin. So I Shazam-ed the song because she liked it. It became the main soundtrack to our trip.

Estelle – 1980

Guvna B: We were in a great location and took a little walk around Chelsea. The weather was really nice too, and it was just one of those perfect London days. This song just reminds me of London. A lot of people know Estelle as a singer, but I liked her from when she used to rap and this is one of her older songs that gives me the London vibes.

Juls, Jah Cure – Wishes

Guvna B: My wife, Emma, actually added this song to my playlist. She always wants at least one tune on any of my playlists for her to vibe too! She says the bassline instantly relaxes her.

Samm Henshaw – Grow

Guvna B: Obviously because it was Valentine’s Day (when we stayed at Sonder) I had to bring the luvvy duvvy vibes. This is actually a song by one of my mates, Samm. Relationships are hard but also really rewarding, and this is a great song about growing together. 

Cleo Sol – Promises

Guvna B: Cleo Sol is one of my favourite artists, and while we were at our Sonder I saw she had announced a headline show at The Royal Albert Hall. I’ll definitely be going so I started playing a few of her songs to get me in the mood, and this was the first one I pressed play on.

Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic 

Guvna B: I used to listen to this song growing up. It always puts me in a good mood and reminds me of simpler times.

Ben E King – Stand By Me

Guvna B: I genuinely have never met anyone who doesn’t like this song. Enough said!

Guvna B – Traffic

Guvna B: This is my latest single. Obviously, I had to stick one of mine on there! I can’t lie, I do think it’s decent so give it a try. 🙂 

Stay at the Sonder that inspired Guvna B: Chelsea Green in London.

Stellar Queen Suite+ at Sonder Chelsea Green, London.
Stellar Queen Suite+ at Sonder Chelsea Green, London

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