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Meet up with artist, writer and creative director Farrah Fawx at Sonder Cielo in Mexico City.

Sonder Cielo in Mexico City

Share something that inspired you during your recent Sonder stay?

Farrah Fawx: Staying at Sonder felt like home away from home. Almost like my own little apartment with everything I needed. I didn’t feel like I was visiting at all. I also loved the central location, it allowed me to walk to so many new shops, cafes, and restaurants. I even walked home one night from a party in Roma Norte.

A ritual that you practice when traveling to nurture your creativity?

Farrah Fawx: I’m inspired by people, whether that’s through conversation or people watching. So one tradition I have when traveling somewhere new is I always have a coffee or share a meal with a stranger. It could be someone I had a brief conversation with prior or someone already in the restaurant.They always end up teaching me so much about the city and where to go and what things to try.

Recommend a fave arts / creative hub during your recent stay in Mexico City?

Farrah Fawx: My favorite thing I discovered about Mexico City during my visit had to be it’s underground DJ/music scene. There is a club – Antro Juan that is in Roma Norte and walking distance from Sonder that I went to and heard different styles of music and
they had locals artists perform. Another night I went to a warehouse party.

Which Sonder would you like to try next?

Farrah Fawx: I would love to stay at the Sonder Atelier in Milan or Sonder Yelo Jean Médecin in Nice.

Sonder Sounds in Mexico City feat. Farrah Fawx

Farrah Fawx made a memorable playlist inspired by her stay at Sonder Cielo.

Farrah Fawx: This playlist is a collection of songs that really define my stay and first time visiting Mexico City. Songs I heard in passing that I instantly fell in love with, songs attached to new memories, as well as songs that I already loved. “Andromeda” by Ethel was on repeat while I visited Soumaya Museum. I walked back to Sonder Cielo after dinner one night with new and old friends and heard a car drive by playing “Culisuelta”. I watched an old couple dance while “Cumbia En El Monte” played on the jukebox in a bar in Central one night after a party.

About Farrah Fawx:

Artist, Writer, Creative Director. Personification of “what if” residing in between the cracks.

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