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Jake Naughton is a world renowned photographer who currently lives and works in Mexico City. He’s worked for a range of high-profile clients including National Geographic, Monocle, Airbnb and now Sonder in Mexico City & Washington DC. We recently caught up with Jake and got the lowdown on some of his fave places in the city.

Cóporo, Mexico City, captured by Jake

What are some of your must-visit places in Mexico City?

JN: This is a tough one, as there is so much to choose from! But, I think Mercado Jamaica is unlike anywhere else in the city, or anywhere else I’ve been. It’s a massive flower market that caters to wholesale clients and individual consumers alike. It’s such a pleasure to walk through and to take in all the sights and smells of the amazing plants and flowers on offer. Plus, there’s plenty of other vendors for mole, local fruits, artesanías, etc. And if you work up an appetite, head to Mariscos Los Paisas at the rear end of the market for some delicious seafood!

There are so many amazing off-the-beaten-path delights in the city.

Fave hidden gem in Mexico City?

JN: There are so many amazing off-the-beaten-path delights in the city. But, as an avid art fan, I’d have to say the Karen Huber Gallery on the outer edge of Centro. It’s one of my favorite galleries in the city, and is host to some of the most exciting young painters working here today. After taking in the art, you could pop down the street to Farmacia Internacional for some coffee, and then head a few blocks away to Forte in la Colonia Juárez for truly excellent pizza and pastries, and wines from some of my favorite Mexican producers like Silvana Pijoan and Casa Vieja.

Aria, Mexico City, captured by Jake

So, which Sonder would you like to photograph next and why?

JN: Oh, definitely somewhere in Europe! My husband and I lived in London a few years ago, and we miss spending time there. I think I’d have to say Malasaña in Madrid, which is in such a fun location in one of my favorite cities, or Yelo Jean Médecin in Nice, because you can’t go wrong with the French Riviera!

Sonder Washington D.C. through Jake’s lens

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