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Meet up in Los Angeles with funk, hip hop and electronic music artist, Kaelin Ellis at Sonder The Beacon.

Sonder The Beacon in Los Angeles

Share something you love about staying with Sonder.

Kaelin Ellis: While staying with Sonder in Santa Monica, what struck me was the cleanliness of the place. It felt almost like a home away from home. But what I really loved was the location. Sonder was right in the heart of Santa Monica, and it was close to everything I wanted to explore. Whether it was the local shops, restaurants, or the beach, everything was just a short walk away. The convenience that Sonder provided made my stay even more enjoyable.

A ritual that you practice when traveling to nurture your creativity?

Kaelin Ellis: I like to sit and embrace the space that I am in, to take in the environment. It’s about experiencing the silence, the ambience, and observing the scenery. This allows my thoughts to flow and spark creativity. It’s a practice I’ve found to be quite therapeutic and productive for my creative endeavours.

I’ve always believed that the environment you’re in can greatly influence your creative process.

Favorite hidden gem from your stay with Sonder in LA?

Kaelin Ellis: My favorite hidden gem from my stay was the lobby at the top of the building. Not many people know about it, but the view from there is absolutely insane. You could see the entire cityscape of Santa Monica Beach from there. It was a serene spot to just sit, relax, and watch the world go by and observe.

Which Sonder would you like to try next?

Kaelin Ellis: I have my eyes set on The Deco in Miami Beach next. From the photos and reviews I’ve seen online, it looks stunning. The architecture, the decor, the surrounding environment – everything seems so inviting. I’m particularly excited to experience the creativity that space might inspire in me. I’ve always believed that the environment you’re in can greatly influence your creative process, and The Deco seems like the perfect place to explore this further.

Sonder Sounds in Los Angeles feat. Kaelin Ellis

Kaelin Ellis made a laid back playlist inspired by his stay at Sonder The Beacon.

Kaelin Ellis: My creative concept depicts the mood I was in when I travelled to Sonder The Beacon in Santa Monica. The beach, the space, the people, and the area felt so fresh and clean. Instant inspiration the moment I walked in the room.

About Kaelin Ellis:

Kaelin Ellis deftly straddles the labels of funk, hip hop, electronic music and space age jazz for a sound as fresh and exciting as the young producer himself. Already a Multi-Platinum musician with over ten years of experience, the genre-defying creator has already worked on music with Lupe Fiasco, Joyce Wrice, Virgil Abloh, Logic, Jazmine Sullivan and K-Pop superstars EXO to name a few. 

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