Talking light and space with NOXZ in Barcelona

Sonder Spotlight is a series of bite-sized travel chats with a few of our favorites. As autumn sets in, we met up with NOXZ last month to catch the last of the late-summer sun and chat inspiration in Barcelona — the city of Gaudí and the Barri Gòtic. 

NOXZ /noks/, also known by Enoch, is a London-based independent and multidisciplinary architect by day, musician by night, and all-round vibe curator in between. With a love for drum grooves, guitar licks, and keys and hardware synths, his sounds pack retro influences and a fusion of genres. NOXZ creates music and content to capture moods, moments, and spaces.

How do you nurture your creativity while traveling?

N: While away, I like to observe how people use the space around them. How they navigate the city, and how the city adapts to the influx of people — both old and new. My favorite thing is to find a vantage point, grab a coffee (or a wine), and people-watch. Sometimes, I take it further by taking my camera, walking around to find inspiration from the streets, and listening to local musicians busking.

Favorite spot in Barcelona to go to for inspiration?

N: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion is a must see. The way the building blurs the outside and inside spaces is amazing. Kind of like how sound and silence exist in music. And seeing the soft light from the terrace every morning at Sonder Paseo de Gracia inspires me too — the dancing shadows coming through the window and hitting my makeshift workstation.

Sonder Paseo de Gracia

Share a little about the playlist you’ve created for us

N: Summer is gone, but you still want to hold on to that last ray of sunshine and the warm evening breeze you feel on a rooftop overlooking your favorite city with a drink in hand. A song creeps up on the speakers, and it’s something mellow but groovy, something danceable but chill.

As it gets cooler, will you be embracing the cold or escaping to the sun?

N: I am one of those people who loves the cold. Autumn is the best season ever! But whenever I feel myself burning out or in need of inspiration, I look for some sunshine.

Once winter hits and as NOXZ heads back to London, you can find him cozied up with a Baileys hot chocolate. Take a look at our winter warmers for more drinks to keep it cozy through the chilly seasons.

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