Styling solo romance: meet Chris

Chris is a first-generation Vietnamese-Chinese Canadian currently living his dream life in London. After studying business management, Chris kicked off his career in the Vancouver tech scene, but the lifestyle left him wanting more. Which is how he ended up across the world crafting a new story as a fashion content creator and creative lead. Joining us at Sonder L’Edmond during the madness of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, we chatted with Chris about style, self-love, and his learnings from solo travel .

Sonder L’Edmond | Paris

How do you nurture yourself on the go?

C: I really listen to my mind and body on these solo trips. If I’m craving solitude, I’ll find myself mindlessly walking through the city exploring every nook with my music on or starting a new book in a cozy local coffee shop. If I’m craving connection, I’ll find myself sparking up conversations everywhere I go on walking tours or at bars, restaurants, and galleries.

What’s your styling secret for a weekend away?
C: I always like to layer and outfit-repeat during these weekend trips. I try not to overpack and I wear my main outfit to the airport. In my carry-on case, I’ll have various layers and accessories to make my outfits ‘different’ the following days and I’ll try my best to leave some extra space for new thrift finds in the new travel destination.

Do you have any travel rituals?
C: Before every flight, I have to touch the outside of the plane for good luck.

Are you more breakfast in bed or get out and explore?
C: I’m naturally quite an early riser so when I wake up, I usually like to find the best local coffee shop around the area, have my oat latte and people watch.

As long as I had a job to supply the necessities, a roof to sleep under, and a community to rely on, I had all I needed to feel joy.

What’s your fondest solo travel memory?
C: Hands down it would have to be my time living in Byron Bay and Melbourne. I had a gap year so I decided to get a work visa in Australia and move out there. It was quite frightening initially as I knew no one there, but slowly, as I settled into my life and met the best community, it became my home away from home. I had no intention of getting a 9-5 job so I worked at a smoothie shop by the beach, farmed at a custard apple farm, and bartended at the Falls Music & Arts Festival. That year made me realize how little I needed to be happy. As long as I had a job to supply the necessities, a roof to sleep under, and a community to rely on, I had all I needed to feel joy.

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