How to cozy up your home this winter

Since we’re all spending so much more time at home, we thought we’d offer some tips our designers use to bring comfort into their own homes. 

We hope these tips help you bring some comfort to your home this winter. We think you’ll find that even little changes can make a huge difference in how a room feels. Start playing around, and you’ll be hyggeing it up in no time.

Let there be light

Swap harsh lighting and replace it with the light of candles or fixtures that produce a warm color temperature. See if you can find bulbs labeled “warm white” or that let you set your own colors.

Texture adds interest

Without some variety in texture, a room can feel flat or sterile. Introduce some chunky knit blankets, a jute rug, or wood accents to liven things up. You really can’t have too much texture, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

Neutrals are your friend

Natural colors like beige, whites, and grays have a calming effect on any space and are easy to pair together. Make most of your decor neutral and throw in a few bold statement pieces to mix up your color palette.

Take the vibe outside

Create a cozy outdoor area if you have space for it. You can purchase inexpensive portable fire pits to arrange some chairs around. Add some throw blankets, and you’re all set for safe outdoor winter meet-ups.

Embrace vintage

Modern design is great, but there is nothing like the chic curves of a midcentury chair or a boho rug’s playful patterns. Scour Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or estate sales in your area to score incredible deals on vintage pieces. It’s not a faux pas to mix different eras as long as they complement each other. Just be careful; vintage furniture can be addictive. 

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