Make your patio the place to be this summer

BBQs, watermelons, and running through the sprinklers. We all want to spend as much time outside this summer. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor space a place that you’ll never want to leave. 


Start by evaluating your outdoor area. What are the dimensions? What will the purpose of each space be? Will you need outlets or natural gas hookups nearby? Do you want to go beyond the standard living and dining space, with a horseshoe set, a hammock to read in, or even a climbing wall? Let your hobbies guide you here.

Once you’ve got your plan, make a list of the required furniture. If you live somewhere with extreme weather, consider getting pieces made from high-quality materials like teak, wrought iron, or cast aluminum. If you want to use cheaper materials, make sure you have the indoor space to store them in the winter. Another cost-saving option is buying used sets online. If it’s well-made, it’s still perfectly usable, and new outdoor furniture can be costly!


Add some lights for ambiance. Let the scale of your space and decor inform your choice here. A string of full-sized Edison bulbs works excellent for a big grassy yard, but a cozy porch would look better with small candle lights. Buy a smart plug with a remote or that connects to your smart home system, so you don’t have to worry about manually switching them off. No outlet? There are solar lights in every style that provide quality light and cost the same as wired options.


What’s an outdoor space without plants? You’ll want to add some sort of greenery to liven things up. This could be as simple as getting a couple of potted plants, or as complex as creating a custom fully landscaped backyard using drought-tolerant plants and native grasses. Choose plants that fit your budget and that work in your type of space.


A firepit is a great way to add a focal point — and some warmth on chiller evenings. You can opt for a metal fire pit or choose a more expensive in-ground option fed by natural gas. You can also make your own fire pit out of whatever materials you happen to have lying around. Pavers, concrete, rocks, gravel, or anything fire-resistant are good choices for a DIY fire pit.


Add some entertainment to your outdoor space with some games. Some of our favorites are croquet, bocce and cornhole.

If you’re more interested in traveling than hanging out at home, we have plenty of outdoor spaces awaiting your arrival!

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