Six ways to give your home a spring refresh

When the weather starts to warm up, many people may find themselves diving right into spring cleaning. But with so much time now being spent at home, we wanted to explore some options to take things to the next level. Given our interior design team renovates spaces into beautiful Sonder locations for a living, we decided to ask them for their favorite tricks to seriously spruce up a space. Here, they’ve shared their six top tips.

  • A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to truly give your space a facelift! And many landlords are fine with renters painting the walls so long as they ask first. But first, test a few small paint swatches, and clean your walls prior to painting. Don’t forget to use painters tape for extra protection, and get enough drop cloths to cover the entire floor and every piece of furniture. Another less messy option to refresh your wall color is through adhesive wallpaper. A number of online websites sell a variety of great options.


  • Cover windows with vertical blinds or semi-sheer curtains. These bring softness to a room and can often also make your space feel bigger. Pro tip: be sure to hang the rod halfway between the top of the window and ceiling, and ensure that the ends of the rod extend beyond the width of the window frame.
  • Swap out overhead lighting. This might seem daunting, but light fixtures are actually quite easy to change…plus they make a lasting difference. A quick YouTube or Google search will show you the step-by-step process of changing the light. Just make sure to keep the existing lighting and change it back out before you move out. 


  • Change out kitchen and bathroom hardware. This can be a relatively inexpensive task, and while it’s a small change, it’s one you’ll definitely notice. Options include a new faucet and handles, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles.
  • Get some plants! Small potted trees or large plants can instantly shift the aesthetic of your space. If you’re nervous about accidentally killing your plant, you can always opt for a faux option — but there are so many online guides out there that can help you pick the best option for the amount of care you want to provide, and the light you have in your home. 


  • Refresh your towels and bedding. With more time than ever spent at home, this is the perfect time to invest in something high quality. Senior interior designer Christina Higham recommends Matteo’s linen sheets, which she says breathe well and get softer over time. 


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