Tips from our interior designers on optimizing your WFH space

With a few weeks of working from home now under our collective belts, there’s a high probability many of us have realized that answering emails from bed can be a dangerous trap, and working at the same place you eat every meal can get messy. Now feels as good a time as ever to switch things up. 

We asked our interior design and merchandising teams how they’re making the most of the spaces they live in for work, play, cooking, exercise and beyond – and for their tips on how to select the optimal spot at home for the backdrop of their Zoom meetings. Below are some of their top design and productivity tips.

  • If you live in a small space, think about pieces that have the potential to be multifunctional. Leaning bookshelves could become standing desks, a side table that’s easily movable could become a place to work outside, and a nightstand can double as a small workspace. – Zoe Beach, Director of Merchandising
  • Organize your supplies in a small basket so they’re easily accessible throughout the day—computer charger, adapter, Bluetooth keyboard, a cup with pens, paper, etc. And make sure you return them at the end of the workday. There’s nothing worse than running around your apartment trying to find your headphones or charger when you’re in the middle of a team Zoom meeting! – Marie Fiorita, Interior Designer
  • Not a design tip, but something I do to stay hydrated is to fill a pitcher with water and keep it close to you, to make drinking water throughout the day much easier. I can often forget to hydrate entirely if I don’t do that. – Marie Fiorita, Interior Designer
  • Now that your entire life is almost entirely happening within the walls of the same space, it might be a good time to rethink your layout. If your apartment has a lot of open space, it can be helpful to intentionally designate separate areas for different functions. For example, breaking up your living room and dining room with a sofa in between can immediately create two areas for different functions while you’re WFH. – Christina Higham, Interior Designer
  • For Zoom meetings, I find that good backgrounds tend to be solid walls or something that’s relatively uniform, like a bookshelf. Generally better to avoid sitting in front of a window (it will wash you out), a wide-open area where anyone could walk/cook/play behind you, and a backdrop with dirty laundry, dishes, etc. That said, we live in unprecedented times and everyone tends to be much more forgiving and open to witnessing the lives of those they work with. So by no means the end of the world if your kid or cat should come into the picture. We’re all human! – Zoe Beach, Director of Merchandising
  • If you have a desk at home, try switching up what’s on it every now and then. Plants, art, photos from great trips and meaningful talismans are all great ways to instill a bit of creativity and inspiration into your daily work routine. And swapping your desk decor every now and then can help keep things fresh. – Christina Higham, Interior Designer

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