Providing short term housing for those affected by hotel collapse in New Orleans

NOLA | Sonder

When the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed just a few weeks ago, we realized dozens of families were going to be misplaced. For a city that welcomed us so warmly in 2017, and has now become home to hundreds of Sonder spaces, we wanted to provide our support. 

Due to the debris and resulting damage of neighboring buildings, many people lost their homes within a matter of seconds. Our incredible community partners, Bob Ellis, Partner at R. J. Ellis Law Firm, and Andreanecia M. Morris, Executive Director for HousingNOLA, were close collaborators who quickly helped propose Sonder as a short-term housing solution to the City of New Orleans. 

NOLA | Sonder
Sonder New Orleans Team

Thanks in large part to their assistance, we were able to quickly open our doors to more than 20 impacted families. And simultaneously, the City of New Orleans was able to locate permanent housing solutions, which were available for those affected within just 14 days. 

We feel honored to have worked alongside these community leaders and witness the resilience of so many impacted families. Our team was deeply moved by the determination and positivity of this city in the face of adversity. We are proud to be members of this incredible community.

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