Supporting relief workers arriving back in Toronto during COVID-19

As a Canadian-born next-gen hospitality company, Sonder remains committed to giving back to the market we first called home.

In the fall of 2020, a number of Canadian volunteers, including military veterans and first responders, went to the US to provide support with hurricane relief efforts. Upon returning to Canada, they needed a place to stay for their two-week quarantine. We were pleased to partner with international NGO Team Rubicon Canada to provide free accommodations for some of their volunteers during this time. 

“During a very active hurricane season along the Gulf Coast,” says Bryan Riddell, CEO of Team Rubicon Canada, “Team Rubicon was one of the first relief organizations on the ground to serve hardest-hit communities. We deployed Canadian Greyshirts at a time when it was a challenge to fundraise during the pandemic, to provide immediate disaster response and recovery services to the region. We’re grateful to Sonder for providing a safe place for our volunteers to quarantine before reuniting with their families post-deployment. Thanks to Sonder’s generosity, more of our Greyshirts could say yes to bringing relief and hope to disaster survivors.”

“Supporting the communities in the cities where we operate is central to Sonder’s approach and has become even more important during the pandemic as we are reminded daily of the need to come together,” said Rael Maze, Sonder’s General Manager of Toronto. “With Team Rubicon’s volunteers carrying out life changing work and sacrificing so much to help others, we were thrilled to be able to welcome them back to Toronto and show our appreciation by providing them with a comfortable place to stay.” 

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