Business travel: How to feel at home on the road

Traveling for work can be exhilarating and exhausting. There’s the rush of being in a new city and the excitement of important meetings with clients or colleagues. On the other hand, you’re often adjusting to a new time zone, eating every meal out, and it’s common to miss the comforts of home and the people and pets you left behind. 

When it comes down to it, humans are creatures of routine, and when you travel someplace new, you’re stepping away from your habitual way of doing nearly everything. At Sonder, we believe you can feel at home when you’re traveling, and that’s the idea behind every space that we create. There are also things you can do to keep you in touch with the familiar while you’re away. From eating your favorite foods to keeping up your fitness regimen, here are our suggestions of things that will help you feel comfortable and at ease when you’re on the road.

Unpack your bag

First things first, hang up your clothes in the closet and drawers. Your clothes will thank you, and you’ll feel a bit less like a traveler living out of a suitcase. Sonders have plenty of space for everything from light packers to “oops, I accidentally brought five bags.” (No judgments) 

Buy your favorite food

If you’ve got the time, swing by a nearby farmer’s market or grocery store and stock up on your regular food items. Home-cooked meals are often healthier than eating out, and with the fully-equipped kitchen in most Sonders, whipping up a simple dish is easy. While you’re there, pick up some of your favorite snacks. Those back-to-back meetings or all-day conference will be easier to tackle on a full stomach.

Stick to your routine

Traveling for business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your goals or fitness. If you’re into practicing yoga, find a nearby studio. If you’re a runner, head for the nearest park. Whatever you regularly do for exercise, keep doing it while you’re on the road. A lot of our Sonders have fitness centers on-site. Plus, those endorphins will help you feel more alert, sleep better, and adjust to your new time zone quickly.

Take some “me time”

When you’re on the road, it can feel like it’s impossible to get a moment to yourself. It’s essential to carve out time however you can (schedule a fake meeting if you have to). You’ll be more productive and engaged if after you’ve had some time to recharge. Curl up with a good book on the couch or catch up on that show you’ve wanted to watch. Commit to genuinely disconnecting (even if it’s just for fifteen minutes). That means no checking emails on your phone or thinking about work. 

Many of our Sonders have living rooms with plenty of room to work or relax. We’re in 28+ cities, close to business districts and everything you need.

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