Four Sonders with incredible pools

Summer is always better when there’s a pool around. If you’d like some aquatic ambiance on your next trip, these four will not disappoint.

Sonder at Battery Park in New York City

What’s rarer than a pool in NYC? A pool with a view like this. After walking all over Manhattan on a hot summer all day, this pool will feel incredible. Even in the winter, it’s worth coming up here for the commanding vistas of Battery Park and the skyline (but we prefer the hot months of July and August).

Sonder Icon Condesa in Mexico City

Tucked away inside one of our newest Sonders, you’ll find this photogenic gem. The lush ferns and windmill palms make this pool feel like your own little oasis inside Mexico’s largest city. Did we mention the chaise lounges? There’s enough space to set up an entire office on one (just in case you wanted to work from the pool all day).

Sonder JBR suites in Dubai

Surrounded by the skyscrapers of Jumeirah and the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel (the world’s largest), you’re also right next to the ocean. Like “see it from the pool” next to it. Admire the azure blue tile work from one of the two adjoining hot tubs, or get out of the sun under the many umbrellas. This pool might be our best yet (but don’t tell the others).

Sonder at V Palm Springs

What kind of pool vibe are you after? The larger pool is all about music and mingling. While the other one is more intimate and great for relaxing or families. Either way, you’ll get lots of the dry clean desert air and giant palms that Palm Springs is known for.

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