Sharing some of our favorite restaurants for Canada’s Takeout Day

Craft Toronto

As a Canadian-born company, we were excited to learn about the new tradition of “Canada Takeout Day” now happening every Wednesday. The new initiative is designed to encourage communities to support their favorite local restaurants by ordering delivery or takeout — something that we’re especially passionate about here at Sonder. The campaign has a simple website that includes a restaurant finder tool, which makes it easy to find places that are currently open for delivery.

We’ve taken it a step further by pulling together some of our favorite places close to Sonder locations in Montreal and Toronto. We asked our City Teams to share their favorite dishes at each location so you can easily participate in this week’s Canada Takeout Day!


Larrys – Everything here is fantastic, but favorites include the King Oyster Mushrooms and the Mackerel Spaghetti, paired with the banoffee (banana and toffee) pie for dessert. They also have a great selection of natural and organic wines–recommend trying the orange wine!

IBERICOS Montreal – An authentic local tapas bar, the meat and cheese platter is a great option to pair with a bottle of wine. The paella is also some of the best in Montreal.

CAMPO – Campo offers delicious chicken cooked to perfection with incredible poutine and great side salads.

Kinton Ramen – With 30% off all food items, and every order coming with a free veggie gyoza, this is the perfect spot to cure your ramen craving right now. They have a great spicy pork garlic ramen, and huge servings!

Bevo Pizza – Delicious Italian spot with tasty pizza and pasta dishes, not to mention a fantastic side of meatballs.

Mon Petit Poulet – Go-to destination for fried chicken–some of the best our team has ever had.

Left to right: Bevo Pizza, Ibericos Montreal (photo cred: @Shomiclub)


Butter Baker – Amazing spot for sweets! Everything from their freshly baked pastries, dark chocolate cake, soft serve and more will not disappoint. Why not treat yourself to some decadent desserts?

Craft Toronto – Comfort food favorites and lots of craft beer. Some favorite dishes are their nachos, sweet potato fries, baja tacos, and pizza.

The Carbon Bar – If you’re craving upscale BBQ and southern style food, this is the spot for you. Their meat platters are a favorite, with top picks including the smoked turkey and BBQ ribs. They have excellent sides too, especially the Mac & Cheese and Korean cauliflower appetizer.

King Taps – Pre COVID-19, this place always had a long wait because their pizza is so good! They also have great burgers and a solid beer selection.

Left to right: The Carbon Bar, Craft Toronto

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