Sonder: Official partner of your 2023 Hush Trips

Taman Condesa in Mexico City

With the rise of the remote worker, digital nomadism and hybrid work, the relationship between knowledge workers and their work environment has never been more varied. 

One interesting trend has been the rise of “hush trips” in 2023, particularly among younger workers. Hush trips are when employees work remotely from a destination location instead of their home, without disclosing their location to their employer. 

We recently polled our followers on Instagram and Linkedin to get their feedback. Of our polled Linkedin respondents, 66% had never taken a hush trip.

“Why would you hide such information? This might just compromise your relation with your company and management. if there is nothing to hide you should be able to inform your manager of your change in location without any “issues”. – Angela E.

“If I’m still reporting for work, getting my job done, and not missing deadlines, then it doesn’t matter where I am. I’m not gonna hide it, but no point in volunteering info that isn’t relevant.” – Stephen M.

Yet, over half of Linkedin polled respondents stated that they did plan to take a hush trip in 2023:

Instagram respondents were more willing to combine work and leisure travel. 

At Sonder, our corporate roles use a flexible working model enabling those employees to completely control the amount of time they work from home, a Sonder office where one exists, or temporarily from any location worldwide. 

City Hall Park in New York CIty

Sonder’s many locations across the globe offer both hotel and apartment style properties in over 40 markets worldwide. Sonder’s portfolio now includes properties with on-site amenities and work spaces, such as City Hall Park in NYC, Pierce Boston, Revival in Vancouver, Business Bay in Dubai, Taman Condesa in Mexico City, and The Witherspoon in Philadelphia. Sonder units and spaces provide fast wi-fi, and many offer fully-equipped kitchens, living areas, multiple bedrooms and en-suite laundry. Find your next hush trip location at

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